QR Codes: The Future of Marketing?

Authors invested in ebook marketing their most up-to-date novel are usually as a count of discipline looking for approaches to stay in advance of the cutting facet in marketing strategies and technology that they could use to help them in distributing their books and logo. One truth we can all depend upon is the fact that generation is shifting at the speed of sound, that is superb until we contemplate the way to use every new discovery to assist them sell greater books.

With that being said I need to share a first rate new era that any writer can use with literally no programming abilities wished. No need to be a tech geek or even to need to do greater then be capable of use e-mail. The new technology is known as – Quick Response Code.

A Quick Response Code QRC is an ordinary searching picture that functions much like a bar code that can be scanned with particular devices. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square sample on white heritage. Once the code is scanned it promises records that may be saved, delivered and shared with the person who scans it.

Now this generation may be used numerous approaches for authors;

Put the code in your ebook back qr code android cover and feature it send the the individual that scans the code to their net web site wherein they could view extra facts approximately your story.
Send them to YouTube to view your films, in which you speak about your tale.
Send them to twitter and ask them to follow you or even to sen d a tweet announcing they just sold your paperback.
Share your private touch records and invite them to electronic mail or name you at every time.
Send with them your most recent recipes, bonus fabric or even discount coupons just via scanning this code.
Now how do you scan this code?

Smooth you simply want a clever smartphone that has the bar code scan software downloaded to the telephone. All you want to do is open the utility and test the code and you could reap everything I listed above.

A clean way top get started out is to go to; qrcode.Kaywa.Com where you’ll discover a bar code generator. Just input the vacation spot URL or contact information and push the generate button and they’ll give you the picture and the HTML code that you may put up on your e-book or internet site. One of the most precious statistics approximately this era is that it’s far surely loose to apply and that truth alone makes this really worth using.

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