Essential Oils – Lip Balm Recipes – Smacking Good For Healthy Lips

When I keep, I exit and look for the satisfactory product out there. In this situation, something to deal with my lips. I want a product that may prevent blisters, chapped lips, and may paintings with a lipstick or lip stain. If you’re like me, than appearance no similarly. I am posting my Good, Better, Best products on this class.

My Good, Better, Best rating system is stimulated by way of the Steven & Chris display, wherein they introduce home decor thoughts. I will introduce three products that I love and use. They are all exceptional but rated here based totally on overall performance and charge. These are all tops compared to other products inside the equal rate range or people with the identical Unique Selling Point.

My Good-Better-Best for this VISIT class are Vaseline, Decleor Eye & Lip Moisturizing Mask, and Laura Mercier’s Lip Silk.
GOOD – Vaseline $4.00CAD for 100g

Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly, is a mixture of paraffins, waxes and mineral oils which have a melting factor just above body temperature so it melts on contact with your pores and skin, fills in cracks, protects lips from outside elements, and acts as a sealant retaining moisture in.

Every night time I positioned Vaseline on my lips earlier than mattress and I wake up with moist lips. It is going on top of virtually any lipstick or stain. It doesn’t have any medical results. Not anymore. However, it is an top notch sealant. On very dry days, I must reapply. They came out with a diamond encrusted jar in one of their promotional deliver-aways. Fancy jar or ordinary jar, Vaseline is a GOOD lip balm.


1 – Price

2 – Glossy end like a lipgloss

3 – Excellent sealant
BETTER – Decleor Eye & Lip Moisturizing Mask $40 for 1oz.

This is an all-herbal beauty product. It relaxes and quenches using Aromatic Mints and Orange Blossom Waters. It hydrates and protects against surroundings the usage of extracts of Codium, Wild Pansy and micro-proteins of Moringa Oleifera. It smooths dehydration strains with extracts of Ivy, Cornflower and Sweet Clover Flower Water. The focused active plant substances uses aquaporin generation to make eyes and lips experience easy and refreshed. A small dab the dimensions of a sesame seed is all you want to cover your lips. So a bit goes an extended way with $40.

I currently stumbled upon this product as part of a gift set. This product surprised me. Decleor Eye & Lip Moisturizing Mask become a better sealant for my lips than Vaseline. It saved the moisture in, and guarded my lips for an amazing a part of the day. It feels additionally thinner than Vaseline and coast my lips proper away with out rubbing off. It also works well over lipsticks and lip stains. Love it!


1 – Duo treatment – eye & lip

2 – Long-lasting

three – Thin and light

four – All-Natural

Best – Laura Mercier Lip Silk $30.00CAD for 0.4oz

This is my Best rating of all lip balms. It reduces feathering and soothes dry lips for a smoother surface. It prepares lipstick put on and holds color. It is hypersensitive reaction examined in and is perfume-free. A tiny quantity is all you need.
The Laura Mercier sales rep said to me “It will alternate your existence”. I laughed and took a sample domestic. Well, it has modified my existence. Before this product, I relied on precise vintage Vaseline for my recurring lip remedy. It changed into less expensive and felt quite safe. Vaseline become better than any lip balms in the marketplace.

Wrong! The Laura Mercier Lip Silk blew me away. After a few days with this product, my lips were smoother and more youthful looking. The peeling and cracking started out to heal. And, I had less exceptional lines because of it. This product meets all my wishes. I am fearful via the price and only getting 0.4oz but a touch goes an extended manner. This product will last! It will slowly absorb into your pores and skin. I put a tiny dab, the size of a sesame seed, on my lips before bedtime and must wipe the rest off inside the morning if I need to position on lipstick. Re-apply each 12 hours. Amazing!


1 – Reduces exceptional traces for a smoother surface

2 – Reduces peeling and cracking

3 – Lasts 12hrs +

four – Hypoallergenic